Location: Near Greece, in the ocean

Size: 10 mile radius from center

Population: 1,000 locals MAX

Weather: sunny, warm

Special Attractions:

  • Lagoon: Empyria
  • Train-circular loop
  • Cafe for 65+ and 18-
  • Bowling Alley-candle pin and regular
  • Starbucks
  • Massive Spiral Bookstore
  • Beach Food Restaurants
  • Retro Arcade
  • Hotels-good quality “Decent Quality Inn”
  • Crappy Motel
  • Candy store (Willy Wonka Style)
  • Knitting Shop
  • Music Store
  • Surf Shop
  • Movie theater, play theater
  • Regular Bar and Dive Bar
  • Lighthouse with sunken ship
  • Haunted, Abandoned Castle
  • Small School (E/MS/HS)
  • Marina N vs. S



Creators & Co.

Last Sunday the Spilled Ink Writing Club worked on creating fabulous fictitious characters! Each member was given about 15 minutes to come up with whatever kind of character they wanted. President Casie handed out useful guides to help everyone get inspired and to understand what goes into making a character with many layers and details! The key to making great characters is dimension! Everyone who made a character gave them hobbies, quirky traits, hilarious tendencies, and interesting backstories. We had playful young children, adorable older woman, dramatic sailors, and more!

Why were we doing this? Because the members of Spilled Ink are preparing to make their 2nd annul town, what we call The Town Project. The club members will join together and make a communal town with intricate detail! Everyone will help created the population, the town centers, the characters, and more! This project will take place throughout the semester, so be sure to check out our next meeting which is Sunday, February 12th!


Game Night: Spilled Ink’s First Event!

Game Night: Saturday, December 3rd, 4-6pm, Lange Court Lounge

Come join us for an afternoon of games, snacks, music and hanging out with friends! The event is hosted by Spilled Ink but is open to all members of the Loyola Community. Feel free to bring friends or roommates and make sure to spread the word to classmates, floormates, teammates etc.

The event is from 4-6pm but you can show up/leave whenever you want. This means you can come from 4-430, 430-5, 530-6 or stay from 4-6, there is no “arriving late” or “leaving early.”

Snacks and games will be provided but you are more than welcome to bring your own if you have specific snacks and games you’d like to have for the event!

Games: Scattegories, Taboo, Cards, Bananograms, Catan, What If?, Pictionary, Cards Against Humanities, Apples to Apples and more

Snacks: Chips, dips, pretzels, candy, juice and baked goods

If you have any questions you can contact me, Casie Morgan, at

Game Night Flyer!

A Spilled Ink Day

On Sunday October 23, 2016, the Spilled Ink club gathered in the Loyola Writing Lounge to play various writing games and to get to know the other writers around campus. We started off with an icebreaker, we do this every week to learn a little bit more about each other. This week’s unique question was, “What’s your astrology sign?”

Moving onto the games we first played Exquisite Corpse, a game where one person writes a sentence to start a story and it is passed along to the other members, the trick is the writers can only see what the previous person wrote and not the whole story. We ended up with some pretty funny stories about murderous cats. Next, we played story cubes, where each member roles a picture dice and verbally incorporates their picture into the story being told. What’s great about these games is that they create bonding between people who may not get to interact outside of the club. Through the games we are given the opportunity learn about each member’s writing style, preferred genre, and much more. Lastly, we did a restriction writing game. We came up with 3 restrictions and each member wrote a 50-word story using the restrictions. This week our stories had to include cheese, a thumb and the ocean. To conclude the meeting we each went around and shared our stories.

Board Application

Writing Club Board Applications



Graduating Year:

  1. Which position are you interested in?
    1. Secretary
    2. Media Advisor
      1. If you want to be media advisor, please submit a sample flyer/poster/advertisement etc. you have done in the past or a new idea that you haven’t done yet for the club
    3. Why do you want this position/how committed are you to this position?*
    4. What expectations do you have for this club?
    5. What past experiences do you have with writing? (Clubs, classes, personal publications etc.)
    6. How flexible is your schedule? Will you be available to meet 1-2 hours every other week?
    7. Who’s your favorite writer and why?

*As a board member you are expected to come to every meeting and meet once every two weeks for about half an hour with the rest of the board to prepare for the next meeting. If you are unable to attend a meeting for any reason you must email me in advance.

Spilled Ink Event Survey

Please comment the answers that you prefer the most!

  1. What time of day would you be most interested in attending a writing club event?
    1. Morning: 10-12
    2. Afternoon: 1-3
    3. Night: 7-12
  2. What days of the week would you be most interested in attending a writing club event?
    1. Monday-Thursday
    2. Friday
    3. Saturday or Sunday
  3. Which events would you be interested in attending?
    1. Readings
      1. Members of the club read for an audience (doesn’t just have to be club members) simply to share their writing and get feedback. Questions can be asked afterward. Food and drink would be provided.
    2. Game Night
      1. Writing/bananograms games themed evening with food and drinks. Game tournaments such as: Scattegories, Bananograms, Scrabble, Pictionary, Taboo etc. will be hosted and winners will win writing themed prizes.
    3. Trivia
      1. Writing Trivia night, food and drinks provided, with writing themed prizes.
    4. Secret Santa
      1. Around holiday season we’ll have a holiday themed meeting and we can do a Secret Santa ($10 max). Food and drinks will be provided.
    5. Suggestions
      1. If you have a new suggestion, feel free to share with us
    6. Fundraising Ideas?
      1. Bake Sale
      2. Selling Shirts (We’d design them first)

Writing Club’s Fictional Town Project


  • Island town surrounded by cluster of islands that have all sank
    • we are the last island left
  • NW Coast
  • Manhattan size
  • 1,738 population
  • modern day US dollars


  • Satuit River
  • forest (spooky) (urban legend?)
  • mainland
  • graveyard
  • vintage shops
  • art shops/gallery
  • secret tunnels
  • cave/hiking trails
  • big cliff (Lovers Leap)
  • dormant volcano
  • weird random landmark- totem pole? statue?
  • park/vineyard
  • coffee shop
  • main street
  • harbor
  • soda fountain
  • community garden (organic food)
  • one chain store that dies out every 2 months
  • rocky beach


  • popular for hipsters
  • festival (music)
  • swim race (annual)
  • ferry and gondolas
  • horses up to volcano to swim
  • archery
  • real theater (shows old movies)
  • boats
  • drive-in movie theater


  • fishing town
  • lumber
  • fur trade (dying industry)
  • someone makes clothes


  • Bernie Sanders (ex-resident, not confirmed)
  • Ali Joseph MacNamara
  •  Charles Clark
  • Alexander Wells
  • Sharon Finnegan
  • Thomas


Creating a Character

Two Starting Points:

  1. Great story
    1. If you have a great idea for a story, help create characters that you think will best live out this story
  2. Great characters
    1. If you are struggling with an idea for a story, focus on creating great characters and the story may come through from your characters

Character Inspiration:

  • Using the Character Generator
  • Someone from your past who sticks out in your mind
    • Pay attention to the traits that caught your attention and borrow some for a character of your own
  • Inanimate objects
    • Although they aren’t human, they can make interesting characters

Character Development:

  • Write ten truths, ten lies, ten odd/bizarre statements
    • Follow this sequence
  • Back story
    • VERY IMPORTANT, helps explain present story
  • Contradictory traits
    • You don’t want your characters to be ‘perfect’, it’s unrealistic
      • Think of famous characters like Harry Potter or Katniss Everdeen, both are main characters and neither are perfect but their flaws make the readers appreciate them even more
      • a link to a list of character traits
    • Zodiac signs

Further Development Questions

  • If your character were an animal, which one would s/he be and why?
  • In which ways would your character behave differently when interacting with (mother, boss, friend etc.)
  • Write a short poem in your character’s voice