My doorbell rings, I open the door and see a fairy, a princess and a ninja.

“Trick or treat!” They screech, smiles wide in anticipation. (CM)

I screamed in fear because I hate children. (ED)

Their beady, little eyes sat in their heads like skittles, their candy bags held open before me. (MC)

They looked more like rats or crows than children. (JG)

But children they were, transforming over time to look not like their innocent selves. (MS)

And with age they became monsters, cynical beasts who left their morality far, far behind. (SD)

With morality left behind, no evil is oppressed, no anger is dismissed. (CM)

Halloween sucks. (ED)

~Casie Morgan, Emma Ditzel, Jean Gillingham, Mary Sutton, McKayla Coyle and Stephanie Dooley



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