On Halloween morning, I woke with a start.

The sound of claws running across my window had ripped me from my dream. (MC)

I had been dreaming of a woman; her skin was yellow, but beautiful, like a summer dress or sunshine gleaming on a cheek; awake now, I hurried to the window, convincing myself in harrowed breaths that I didn’t believe in monsters. (JG)

“Monster’s aren’t real.” I whispered to myself, “but it would explain a lot if they were.” (MS)

If only life could be so easy, if only I could blame a monster for all of my problems…if only the monster wasn’t me. (SD)

Why does everyone run when they see me? Am I really that hideous? (CM)

I was born with the terrible curse of ugliness-I can’t help it! (ED)

A witch cursed me when I was little and made me like this. (MC)

My mother still won’t call me back. (JG)

~Casie Morgan, Emma Ditzel, Jean Gillingham, Mary Sutton, McKayla Coyle and Stephanie Dooley



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