Something in the closet was making a strange noise so I opened the door and…

shivered violently, as a cold blast of fear overcame me when I beheld what stood before me. (SD)

He had sharp fangs, yellow eyes and translucent skin; blood was dripping slowly down his dark cape. (CM)

Everywhere he went, there was a thick crimson trail of blood behind him. (ED)

When the moonlight hit him, the blood was illuminated and his skin shone grey. (MC)

I pulled out my phone to call an ambulance or the police or my mom-who would be best equipped to deal with blood? (JG)

Blood-someone catch me! (MS)

The sense of falling consumed me, I was going down, and I was going down alone. (SD)

Goodbye world of love and laughter, hello world of silent isolation. (CM)

~Casie Morgan, Emma Ditzel, Jean Gillingham, Mary Sutton, McKayla Coyle and Stephanie Dooley



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