Creating a Character

Two Starting Points:

  1. Great story
    1. If you have a great idea for a story, help create characters that you think will best live out this story
  2. Great characters
    1. If you are struggling with an idea for a story, focus on creating great characters and the story may come through from your characters

Character Inspiration:

  • Using the Character Generator
  • Someone from your past who sticks out in your mind
    • Pay attention to the traits that caught your attention and borrow some for a character of your own
  • Inanimate objects
    • Although they aren’t human, they can make interesting characters

Character Development:

  • Write ten truths, ten lies, ten odd/bizarre statements
    • Follow this sequence
  • Back story
    • VERY IMPORTANT, helps explain present story
  • Contradictory traits
    • You don’t want your characters to be ‘perfect’, it’s unrealistic
      • Think of famous characters like Harry Potter or Katniss Everdeen, both are main characters and neither are perfect but their flaws make the readers appreciate them even more
      • a link to a list of character traits
    • Zodiac signs

Further Development Questions

  • If your character were an animal, which one would s/he be and why?
  • In which ways would your character behave differently when interacting with (mother, boss, friend etc.)
  • Write a short poem in your character’s voice

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