Board Application

Writing Club Board Applications



Graduating Year:

  1. Which position are you interested in?
    1. Secretary
    2. Media Advisor
      1. If you want to be media advisor, please submit a sample flyer/poster/advertisement etc. you have done in the past or a new idea that you haven’t done yet for the club
    3. Why do you want this position/how committed are you to this position?*
    4. What expectations do you have for this club?
    5. What past experiences do you have with writing? (Clubs, classes, personal publications etc.)
    6. How flexible is your schedule? Will you be available to meet 1-2 hours every other week?
    7. Who’s your favorite writer and why?

*As a board member you are expected to come to every meeting and meet once every two weeks for about half an hour with the rest of the board to prepare for the next meeting. If you are unable to attend a meeting for any reason you must email me in advance.


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