Location: Near Greece, in the ocean

Size: 10 mile radius from center

Population: 1,000 locals MAX

Weather: sunny, warm

Special Attractions:

  • Lagoon: Empyria
  • Train-circular loop
  • Cafe for 65+ and 18-
  • Bowling Alley-candle pin and regular
  • Starbucks
  • Massive Spiral Bookstore
  • Beach Food Restaurants
  • Retro Arcade
  • Hotels-good quality “Decent Quality Inn”
  • Crappy Motel
  • Candy store (Willy Wonka Style)
  • Knitting Shop
  • Music Store
  • Surf Shop
  • Movie theater, play theater
  • Regular Bar and Dive Bar
  • Lighthouse with sunken ship
  • Haunted, Abandoned Castle
  • Small School (E/MS/HS)
  • Marina N vs. S



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