Relay for Life: Saturday, March 25th, 3am-3pm, Reitz Arena

Game Night: Saturday, December 3rd, 4-6pm, Lange Court Lounge

  • Play games, eat snacks, listen to music, hang out with friends and meet new people at game night.
  • This event is hosted by the writing club but is open to all members of the Loyola community.
  • You are welcome to come for the full two hours or come/go at any time during the two hours
  • Games included: Scattegories, Taboo, Cards, Bananograms, Catan, What If?, Pictionary and more (bring games if you have your own you’d like to play)
  • Snacks included: chips, dip, pretzels, candy, juice, water and more
  • Bring your friends/roommates/teammates/classmates!
  • Great way to decompress and have fun before Finals Week starts!
  • If you have any questions you can contact

Corridor’s Flash Fiction Reading Contest 2016: Friday, November 11th, 5-6pm, 3rd Floor Reading Room

  • This reading is designed for writers to share pieces of flash fiction in front of an audience and take part in a contest to see who the audience believes had the best reading to share.
  • Anyone who wishes to read should submit an original flash fiction piece of no more than 1,000 words or a poem no longer than a page to the corridors email: by midnight on Thursday, November 3rd.
  • All those who wish to read must also attend a workshop held by corridors in the Writing Center on Saturday, November 5th at 10am.
  • Those who sign up to read have a chance to be published in the Corridors magazine or to win prizes at the reading.
  • Spilled Ink will be sponsoring a prize at the event!

Baltimore’s Stoop Storytelling Series 2017: March 1, 2017, MacManus Theatre

  • Since 2006, The Stoop has presented shows all over Baltimore, drawing crowds of 800 and more. It is a live event and podcast in which “ordinary” people tell the extraordinary true tales of their lives. The theme for the storytelling event is Legends of the Fall: Stories about Failure. The show will feature members of Loyola’s community — students, faculty, administrators, staff — telling 7-minute true, personal tales on the theme of failure.The Stoop’s motto is “Everyone has a story. What’s yours?” Everyone on campus is invited to submit a story to tell at the show!
  • Submitting a Story:
    1. Consider the theme of failure. What event or experience from your life does it call to mind? It can be funny or serious, a big mess or a small mishap. Failing is such a big part of being human, so don’t be shy about sharing.
    2. Write a brief summary (3-4 sentences) that states the beginning, middle, and end of your story.
    3. Email that summary to
    4. Deadline is Friday, December 2nd, 2016!
  • Folks whose stories are selected for the show will be notified in January 2017 and receive coaching and support from The Stoop before the show.
  • A few more tips:
    • Stoop Stories are true, personal tales. If it ain’t true, and it ain’t about you, it’s not a Stoop story.
    • The Stoop is a venue for oral stories. An oral story is different than a written story. Or a TED talk. Or a stand-up routine. Tell us a story.
    • Stoop stories are shared with the live audience-not memorized or performed. There are no notes, no scripts, and no writing on body parts!
  • Learn more about The Stoop at
  • Listen to The Stoop podcast at

Take Back the Night Vigil: Thursday, April 14th at 730pm outside of Hopkins Court

  • Take Back the Night is a club supporting the voices of those who have been sexually abused in the past and helps to raise awareness of the dangers and consequences of sexual assault. Every year Take Back the Night holds a vigil for these victims. During the vigil students at Loyola (some victims and some supporters of making campus a safer place) stand up and read personal pieces of writing about his/her experiences with sexual assault or they will read famous or published poetry related to the topic while others stand with candles in the courtyard.

Corridor’s Flash Fiction Reading 2015: Friday, November 13th at 6pm in the Reading Room

  • The Corridor’s Flash Fiction Reading is co-sponsored by the Writing Club, Corridors, PEP and LoCoLitSo. The Writing Club will be sponsoring two different prizes at the event as well. This reading is designed for writers to share pieces of flash fiction in front of an audience and take part in a contest to see who the audience believes had the best reading to share. Prizes will be dealt out accordingly.

Publication Celebration: Friday, October 30th at 5pm in the Writing Center

  • Our Publication Celebration Event was co-sponsored by our Writing Club and the Loyola Writing Center. The event was planned in order to honor published students at Loyola. During the celebration we gave out 3 copies of Karl Dehmelt’s novel The Hard Way Back to Heaven.



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