Exquisite Corpse

“The gist of the “exquisite corpse” game: write a sentence on a piece of paper. Fold the paper so that only the last word or phrase can be seen, and pass the paper around in a circle. Everyone gets a chance to add a line or two to what becomes a story composed by the collective, rather than by a single author – a story created together, but in secret.” -Audrey Watters

Last meeting the Writing Club did a Halloween-themed “exquisite corpse” exercise where we chose a Halloween related opening line and from that created a collaborative short-story. The following posts are all of the different stories produced during the meeting-enjoy!


As I carefully entered the haunted house, the door shut behind me and…

I felt someone breathing down my back. (ED)

I turned around and saw no one, but the hairs on the back of my neck still prickled ominously. (MC)

The wind brushed my shoulder like a fingertip peeling icing from a cake; I spun again until I looked like a confused blender. (JG)

Rather a tornado, not a blender, spinning round and round through the dry and empty Midwest, hoping to pick something up along the way. (MS)

It all felt like it was spinning, my life whirling and twirling about with no care and in such desolation, such horrific mundaneness. The sweet image of tornadoes was my only reprieve. (SD)

God, I am so dizzy. (CM)

The room is spinning-please, God, help me! (ED)

The lights began to flicker and then went out entirely, bathing us in darkness. (MC)

~Casie Morgan, Emma Ditzel, Jean Gillingham, Mary Sutton, McKayla Coyle and Stephanie DooleyIMG_7240

On Halloween morning, I woke with a start.

The sound of claws running across my window had ripped me from my dream. (MC)

I had been dreaming of a woman; her skin was yellow, but beautiful, like a summer dress or sunshine gleaming on a cheek; awake now, I hurried to the window, convincing myself in harrowed breaths that I didn’t believe in monsters. (JG)

“Monster’s aren’t real.” I whispered to myself, “but it would explain a lot if they were.” (MS)

If only life could be so easy, if only I could blame a monster for all of my problems…if only the monster wasn’t me. (SD)

Why does everyone run when they see me? Am I really that hideous? (CM)

I was born with the terrible curse of ugliness-I can’t help it! (ED)

A witch cursed me when I was little and made me like this. (MC)

My mother still won’t call me back. (JG)

~Casie Morgan, Emma Ditzel, Jean Gillingham, Mary Sutton, McKayla Coyle and Stephanie Dooley


Something in the closet was making a strange noise so I opened the door and…

shivered violently, as a cold blast of fear overcame me when I beheld what stood before me. (SD)

He had sharp fangs, yellow eyes and translucent skin; blood was dripping slowly down his dark cape. (CM)

Everywhere he went, there was a thick crimson trail of blood behind him. (ED)

When the moonlight hit him, the blood was illuminated and his skin shone grey. (MC)

I pulled out my phone to call an ambulance or the police or my mom-who would be best equipped to deal with blood? (JG)

Blood-someone catch me! (MS)

The sense of falling consumed me, I was going down, and I was going down alone. (SD)

Goodbye world of love and laughter, hello world of silent isolation. (CM)

~Casie Morgan, Emma Ditzel, Jean Gillingham, Mary Sutton, McKayla Coyle and Stephanie Dooley


I got an eerie feeling when I heard…

that Boulder would be having all pumpkin everything until Thanksgiving. (MS)

Pumpkin pancakes, pumpkin ice cream, pumpkin lattes, I was drowning in an en endless sea of pumpkin hysteria! (SD)

What is with the basic white girl obsession over pumpkin everything? (CM)

I believe that pumpkin spice is the source of life for teenage girls. (ED)

They’re like pumpkin spice vampires, their sharp, painfully white teeth biting into Starbucks cups and inhaling the contents. (MC)
I sigh wistfully; I love the smell of pumpkin spice in the Fall-I sidle up to the quasi-vampires and sniff. (JG)

Pumpkin spice, pumpkin spice lattes, walking past Starbucks at 3, going to class late, oh well. (MS)

I had no cares anymore, I had no life, all that I am and all that I need is pumpkin spice. (SD)

~Casie Morgan, Emma Ditzel, Jean Gillingham, Mary Sutton, McKayla Coyle and Stephanie Dooley


They claimed the house was haunted, but it looked okay to me so…

I walked up the driveway and peered at the raven perched, head cocked, on the lamppost; I’d seen him during the day, but he seemed eerier tonight. (JG)

Next to him sat an owl, a wise old bird, who watched me enter my home, hooting away as I closed the door. (MS)

The hoots, still ringing in the back of my head like abandoned church bells, gave me no comfort, but rather made me even more paranoid than I was before. (SD)

They’re everywhere. Echoing in my brain, flying in my dreams and following me through the streets. (CM)

Please God, get all of these bats away from me. (ED)

They swarmed around me, their claws and wings catching my hair and ripping it away. (MC)

“Dragons!” I screamed. “Oh my god! Help!” (JG)

And then walks in the paper bag princess, to save the day, fighting dragons and becoming a hero. (MS)

~Casie Morgan, Emma Ditzel, Jean Gillingham, Mary Sutton, McKayla Coyle and Stephanie Dooley


My doorbell rings, I open the door and see a fairy, a princess and a ninja.

“Trick or treat!” They screech, smiles wide in anticipation. (CM)

I screamed in fear because I hate children. (ED)

Their beady, little eyes sat in their heads like skittles, their candy bags held open before me. (MC)

They looked more like rats or crows than children. (JG)

But children they were, transforming over time to look not like their innocent selves. (MS)

And with age they became monsters, cynical beasts who left their morality far, far behind. (SD)

With morality left behind, no evil is oppressed, no anger is dismissed. (CM)

Halloween sucks. (ED)

~Casie Morgan, Emma Ditzel, Jean Gillingham, Mary Sutton, McKayla Coyle and Stephanie Dooley